The Lena Mae Moore Fund

The Lena Mae Moore Fund provides financial support to exceptional young students in Kingston, Jamaica to help them defray educational costs.  Cherry’s Children works with individual schools to create an ongoing student award program.  Award recipients are selected each year based on academic performance, teacher recommendation, and financial need.  Contact Cherry’s Children to learn more about how we can partner with your school in the future.

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About Lena Mae Moore

Lena Mae Moore with Marjorie "Cherry" Pengelly

Lena Mae Moore gave generously; raising and nourishing not only her children but many children from her community.  Lena’s mission was to not let any child be hungry or uncared for.  A child’s tears could break her heart.


She lived a life of servitude to God.  She respected everyone; she never had a harsh or unkind word to say about anyone and was always willing to put other people’s needs before hers; always believing that God will take care of her needs.


Lena was the only child born to Joseph Rose and Calphiana Sutton on April 12, 1914.  Her mother died soon after giving birth so she was raised, until age fourteen, by Mr. Edward Jackson whom she always referred to fondly as “Papa.”  His unconditional act of kindness in opening his home to her served as a model for the kind of generosity Lena showed her community.


She married Edgar Elisha Moore in 1939.  Together they struggled to raise five children but through toil and strife the children’s needs were always first.  Lena sent her children to school and church; taught them manners, ambition and self-respect; and made sure they were never hungry.